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October 29, 2010
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"Look were not going to stop searching until we find him ok?" said Drake as Sally followed with a flashlight, it was a dark night, despite the moon illuminating the night sky, it was still dark.
"It's been ages" said Sally
"I'm actually starting to wonder if he's.......gone"
Drake starred at his friend, causing the flashlight which Sally was holding to shine into Drakes face giving of a creepy horror look.
"Don't say that" he said darkly
"We'll find Drep"
Drep was Sally's pet eevee, she had had him since she was five and had always liked it, now at age sixteen he had ran away, which caused shock towards them both, Drake loved Drep to, in fact he was never ashamed of admitting he loved cute things.
Drake adjusted his glasses and continued to walk with Sally leading behind through the dark gloomy forest, suddenly they spotted something, a small round ball of fur, hope appeared in the two young peoples mind, they rushed towards it causing the flashlight to shine randomly across the tree's and rocks on the floor, but suddenly their hope became something else, something awful, as they shone the flashlight on the brown ball, it was revealed what it truly was, it WAS Drep, but he was different, he still had the scar on his ear from when he fell down the stairs once, but he was still different, cold, in pieces and dead on the floor, Drake starred in shock while Sally cried, their hope had became failure.
The two walked back towards there houses, their parents would have been worried, but at this point they couldn't be bothered, Drake put his arm around Sally's shoulder.
"Are you ok?"
Sally had been shedding tears for the last five minutes or so, Drake had never seen her like this, granted he had seen her cry before, but not like THIS, she looked terrible, she was weeping and couldn't even walk properly, she was walking like a newborn baby.
"You're tough come on!"
Sally looked at Drake, at first she was angry, but she realised that he was just trying to make her feel better, so she decided to let it go.
"Thank you" she said quietly
Suddenly as Sally hugged Drake, a pain struck him quickly and out of nowhere, like lighting hitting a metal rod, Drake's legs felt weaker and gave up causing Drake to fall to the floor and his glasses to fall of but luckily didn't smash.
Sally's tears disappeared; she quickly crouched down to see what was wrong with Drake
"Drake?" cried Sally in a more serious voice
Drake screamed in agony, suddenly he began to shrank as his bones popped and reshaped as Sally stared in fear, suddenly brown fur spread across Drakes arms just in time to cover them, then suddenly his ears began to grow long and brown as they to the top of his head, now his HEAD began to reshape into a kind of round shape, while cream fur sprouted around his neck, as Drake shrank into his clothes he screamed in panic, eventually he had become so small he had vanished into his clothing, and after a few seconds more of screaming, he stopped.
Sally starred in shock, who wouldn't? Suddenly the pile of clothes began to rustle across the ground as a voice came out of them
"Sally?" the voice shocked her, but she immediately knew it was Drakes voice.
Suddenly the clothes began to rise, until out of nowhere, a cute little eevee popped out of the t shirt.
Sally was shocked
"D- Drake...... is that really you?"
Suddenly Sally jumped as Drakes voice came out of the eevee's mouth
"Yes! What happened?"
Sally starred at Drake, suddenly Drake began to walk around on his new adorable little legs, when he fell face first on to the ground, then Sally remembered, Drake couldn't see ANYTHING without his glasses clearly, as he walked around constantly falling over and begging to know what was wrong, Sally noticed something, Drake looked like, in fact WAS the same match as DREP.
Sally picked up the glasses just as Drake fell over for the ninth time, followed by picking up Drake
"What the!?" cried the cute eevee
Sally placed the glasses onto the eevee's face allowing him to see, he starred at Sally, now ALOT was going through his head, why was Sally suddenly giant, and why couldn't he walk properly?
"Look at your self!" cried Sally
Drake obeyed, only to freak out
"I think you've became Drep! You have the scar and everything!" cried Sally
Drake looked up at Sally
"What am I gonna do?"
Sally sensed all of the panic and sadness inside of Drake at that moment, she had known him for years and knew him like she knew Drep when he was still alive, so she did the only thing she colud think of, hugged him. Suddenly Drake was shocked, he was squeezed extra tight towards Sally, his closest friend, and in a weird way..... felt good, so good he didn't care anymore, he just wanted her to hug him, and if it made him feel THAT good, it MUST have felt good.
Sally looked down at Drake as he looked up at her, she felt good to, as she walked with her best friend in her arms, she starred down at him.
"You don't know how cute you look right now"
Drake smiled back at her, they didn't care at that moment, they didn't care about what had happened to them, they didn't even care what their parents would think, they just cared about each other.
As they eventually almost reached Sally's house a thought struck Drake like the pain that had struck him earlier, but not as painful.
"How will I be able to walk?"
Sally looked back down at him and smiled.
"You won't need to with ME carrying you all the time"
for Corbynpower sorry it took ages

I don't own pokemon
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